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I like a lot of things, so you can see many different fanarts here.


  • A: Favorite Game of all time?
  • B: Favorite Series of all time?
  • C: Least Favorite Game of all time?
  • D: Favorite Soundtrack?
  • E: Favorite Sequel?
  • F: Biggest Let down?
  • G: What're you currently playing?
  • H: Favorite local multiplayer game?
  • I: Favorite Online multiplayer game?
  • J: Favorite system?
  • K: Game you're most looking forward to?
  • L: Favorite Licensed title?
  • M: Favorite Game of last year?
  • N: Favorite protagonist?
  • O: Favorite antagonist?
  • P: Favorite Genre?
  • Q: Any Guilty Pleasure Games?
  • R: Most underrated game?
  • S: Most overrated game?
  • T: Best game memory?
  • U: Favorite Handheld title?
  • V: First game you remember playing?
  • W: Any games you regret getting rid of?
  • X: What you'd like to change about your favorite franchise?
  • Y: What game would you want your child to play first?
  • Z: Game character you most associate with?
Anonymous said:
your art gives me life tbh

wow, dude.

Anonymous said:

i’m happy that you like it!~ 

Anonymous said:
Hi I love your art work so much and I'm not sure if you take requests that often or for free but if you do could you please draw stan from your getting old/assburgers it would be amazing Thank you


depressive Stan is my favourite

This is a pretty big request and it would mean the world to me if you could draw it. Its a multi-fandom thing. Can you please draw Stan (South Park), Clementine (The Walking Dead Game) (when you draw Clementine can you please draw her with half of her from season 1 and half of her from season 2), Mabel and Dipper (Gravity Falls), and Ellie (The Last of Us) Ok I know this is a huge request but I would honestly die from happiness if you could do this. Take all the time you need. I can wait!


usually i don’t draw more than two characters for requests (i’m lazy :’D) and i can’t understand this crossover so i don’t know what idea to draw anyway 

fugicutie said:
Bro, I dig your art style! :D just letting ya know.

hehe, thank you!~

my favourite pairings in tsot outfits 

redesigns everywhere~

So hii i was wondering if you could draw my new creepypasta charter i wi;; give credit to you but if you can you would be amazing have a nice day deer

??? if you’re talking about original characters, i don’t draw them usually

for steggmatt :’D 

for steggmatt :’D 

tuturila said:
Thank you for the Mable! She's so cute, and keep up the great work! :D

glad you like it~

Anonymous said:
Do you watch rwby?

i have no idea what’s this :’D 

Anonymous said:
They look like Wednesday and Pugsley


guess their Summerween costumes :’D 
for great-file-piles-of-hell

guess their Summerween costumes :’D 

for great-file-piles-of-hell

they’re fun to draw 

first for allayupe and second for phioli